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Can I write my own will ? Bicester

Many people put off writing a will until it is too late. This is understandable, perhaps, as nobody likes to think about dying. Nevertheless, making a will is vitally important to ensure there are no financial complications after your death, and to avoid worry for loved ones during an already stressful time.

When looking to make a will, a question often asked is “can I write my own will?”

The simple answer is yes, a person is allowed to write their own will. Whether this is the best option is not so straightforward.

Often, the main motivation for writing your own will is cost. Will writing kits can be bought over the counter, or downloaded online, for very little money. However, for a number of reasons, these kits could end up costing you money.

These “do it yourself” wills might be completed incorrectly, some questions can be difficult to understand, or inadvertently missed, and your answers could be misinterpreted. All these things could lead to the will being contested, and would need the involvement of a solicitor.

Using a legal professional would ensure that your will is completed correctly and not open to any misunderstanding. Any discussions and information would be documented, considerably reducing the chances of your will being contested.

When making a will it is easy to underestimate the value of your assets. If you engage a professional they will ensure that all your assets are valued correctly, and talk you through any tax implications.

It is becoming increasingly common for people to have extended families, children from a previous marriage, stepchildren, etc. This can make the fair division of an estate extremely complicated, especially when writing your own will. A legal consultant would discuss your wishes, and draw up a will to your exact requirements.

So, as you can see, the answer to “can I write my own will?” is not as simple as it seems. Making your own will is fraught with difficulties, and, in most cases, employing a legal professional is a wise choice.

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